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Company Profile

EASY BUY Public Company Limited (“EASY BUY”) formerly known as Siam A&C Company Limited was incorporated on September 30, 1996 with an initial paid-up registered capital of 120 million Baht by the form of joint venture between top leading Thai companies and ACOM Co., Ltd., a leading consumer financial company in Japan. On April 1, 2005, the Company was converted into a public limited company and changed its name to EASY BUY Public Company Limited.

EASY BUY has performed as a consumer financial company under permission from the Bank of Thailand to serve consumers throughout Thailand under “Umay+” brand . EASY BUY offers two types of consumer financial products representing (i) revolving loan and (ii) installment loan.

EASY BUY pursues its goal to become the best leading consumer financial company in Thailand. EASY BUY aims at the highest customer’s satisfaction and provides financial service conveniences to customers. By continually improving its services quality, EASY BUY has been serving more than 2 million customers over 15 years.

EASY BUY also leads in high information technology to uplift fast and flexible services through Umay+ Channels and its customer service function.

EASY BUY is always concerned on the importance of data security and a continuity of business under unexpected situations to ensure our customers continuous services. From continuous on business expansion of EASY BUY, presently, it Company has a paid-up capital of 6,000 million baht with more than 2,800 EASY BUY employees nationwide. (as at December 31, 2017)

Knowing Our Parent Company

ACOM Co., Ltd. (“ACOM”) is EASY BUY’s parent company and the major shareholder, which held 71.00 % of its total shares (as of September 26, 2012). ACOM was incorporated in 1978 and subsequently listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1996. ACOM conducts four main businesses representing:

(i) Loan and Credit Card Business
(ii) Guarantee Business
(iii) Loan Servicing Business
(iv) Overseas Financial Business

ACOM has been ranked as one of the largest and well recognized consumer finance companies in Japan and has established a strong record of innovation within the industry. ACOM was the first operator which provided the 24 hours a day services via selected ATMs in 1979 and introduced the MUJINKUN automatic loan application machines in 1993. In 1998, ACOM was approved as a principal member of MasterCard International, becoming the first consumer finance company in Japan to obtain a license to issue credit card under the MasterCard name. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. (“MUFG”) is the major shareholder of ACOM, holding 40.20% of its total paid-up registered capital as at March 31, 2018 – that signifies a stable support of ACOM's business. ACOM was interested in entering into the consumer finance business in Thailand, and also has gained trust from its joint venture partners to take a major role in management and operation due to its expertise and experience in the similar type to business in Japan.

Company History

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Message from CEO

Mr.Hitoshi Yokohama
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

2017 was another year of EASY BUY’s pleasure that by overview, EASY BUY could perform another consecutive year of solid and impressive operating result despite impact from lots of adverse factors from economics and political tensions both globally and domestically during the year. The uncertainty of FED’s interest rate direction and economic vulnerability in Eurozone had made Thai companies harder on their financial cost management. Further; Thai economy itself during the year seemed weakened spontaneously as being seen by less household consumption and the apparent growth of Non-Performing loan. However; good news has come toward yearend showing the gradual domestic economic recovery that the Gross Domestic Product grew by 3.9 percent on a year-over-year basis (Referred to NESDEB’s report) with the support of economic stimulus and the increasing of export.

Amid changes to the challenging environments, EASY BUY was able to illustrate its distinctive capability to be flexible and proactive to the changes. Based on our core values that focus on continual improvement, lower cost of funds, and sustainability management, the Mid-Term Management Policy of 2016-2018 was activated to enhance the business operation. As a result, EASY BUY in 2017 could claim a net profit of THB 3.98 billion, considerably increased 17.2 percent over that of 2016. Simultaneously, the Non-Performing Loan was low at 1.74 percent, (Referred to the personal loan under supervision report) a much lower than the average of peers in the industry.

As evidence of further achievement from our effort to cultivate customer trust and to deliver a top-notch service standard, EASY BUY is being affirmed by Fitch Ratings (Thailand) for the second consecutive year, a Corporate Long-Term Rating of ‘AA+’ which reflects remarkable business operations and success in various dimensions. Additionally, an emphasis of “Corporate Governance” managerial principle has been embedded into the organizational culture and management system in order to continue enhance accountability, efficiency, and transparency of the operation. Together with the collaboration among the Board of Directors, executives, and employees on anti-corruption, solid internal control and auditing process, EASY BUY had successfully become awarded a member of Signatory Companies of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC), leading to strengthen the confident assurance to all stakeholders.

The achievement of our business operation would not be fully accomplished without expressing our sympathy and responsibility to society. Hence, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on five pillars with intentions to lift up better quality of life, especially for less or under-privileged persons, and for protection and preservation of the environment was developed into corporate’s policy and strategy. In order to cover all aspects of supports, five different kinds of CSR projects have been initiated; namely EASY BUY…for Education, EASY BUY…for Thai Environment, EASY BUY…for Thai Society, EASY BUY…shares Sympathy for Victims, and EASY BUY…for Thai Sport, as tools to expand our care to Thai people, society, and environment.

EASY BUY realizes that people are valuable assets of the company and that an excellent quality of service would be developed from professional working force delivered by happy and dedicated employees, therefore, EASY BUY has always focused on providing comfortable and motivated working environment with an intention to become the “Number One Great Work-place” in the financial industry.

Each year, the situation in personal loan market has become more challenging and competitive. The direction to Thailand 4.0 becoming prominent, Bank of Thailand (BOT) has launched the vision of National e-payment which will push forward Thailand to a “Cashless Society”. Other initiative financial technologies such as Chip-card, Prompt Pay and QR code payment service start in practice to facilitate consumer convenience. In addition, the announcement of BOT regulation to control consumer debt explosion by tightening rules on governing credit cards and personal loans have led to more competitive environment.

EASY BUY had foreseen the tendency as an opportunity to improve Umay+ to become a “Number One Selected Brand” among the personal loan products. Thus, over the past years, the business operation procedure is continuously being improved subsequently to ensure professional service to customers. Considering the challenges mentioned above, EASY BUY has been adapting ourselves and evolving new competitive advantages such as introducing advance financial technology to business operation, adaptation of customer focus marketing strategy, and enhancement of credit portfolio management, to ensure that we are running on the same path with BOT and other regulators, and aspiring ourselves to be the most selected brand among Thai consumers.

On behalf of EASY BUY, I would like to carry my gratitude to all valued Umay+ cardholders, business alliances, shareholders, investors, employees, and Thai Society for your kind supports. We will ensure that the operation is being conducted in correspondence with our mission statement that “We, EASY BUY Public Company Limited, carry out our business with intention to contribute to society”, and all stakeholders will be able to receive the best benefits from us.

Mr. Hitoshi Yokohama

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

EASY BUY Public Company Limited

Organization Chart

The Board of Directors

Mr. Hitoshi Yokohama Chairman
Mr. Yoshiro Yamaguchi Director
Mr. Chatchai Lertbuntanawong Director
Mr. Masayuki Nozawa Director
Mr. Yoshiharu Mori Director
Mr. Takeo Noda Director
Mr. Witit Sujjapong Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee
Mr. Paitoon Taveebhol Independent Director and Member of Audit Committee

Our Service

EASY BUY has obtained a license from the Ministry of Finance to conduct a regulated consumer finance business under the Notification of the Ministry of Finance re: categories of business which must be licensed in accordance with clause 5 of the Notification of the Revolutionary Council no. 58 (re: regulated consumer finance business), dated June 9, 2005 and the Notification of the Bank of Thailand re: rules, procedures and conditions for conducting a regulated consumer finance business. Therefore, the Company is authorized to conduct the retail consumer finance business representing (i) revolving loan and (ii) installment loan.

Revolving Loan The Company's revolving loan service is to grant unsecured loans to customers who need cash to spend for their personal expenses. The customers can withdraw cash in any desired amount within the approved credit line and may repay the loan in a minimum amount or more. The amount repaid will become a revolving credit available for the next withdrawal. Umay+ now serves its customers throughout channels nationwide.

Installment Loan The Company provides installment loan to customers who wish to buy various kinds of goods, whereby the Company pays for such merchandise in advance to its vendor shops and the customers agree to repay the Company for the price of the merchandise plus interest in installment until the loan is fully paid in accordance with the loan agreement. Installment loan now serves its customers in vendor shops.

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